Handling internal Vendors in DualWrite

At the moment I am involved in a DualWrite implementation between FnO and CE. The goal is eventually to be able to generate Quotes from CE and have them sync to FnO. As you might know there are a lot of entities required to get to the point where we can sync Quotes and one of the is Vendors V2 and another is Released Procucts. In order to sync Release Products we first need to have Vendors.

At this customer they are buying a lot of their products from an internal vendor (aka another Legal Entity of the same FnO instance. When we first synced Vendors, everything worked perfectly, with 100% completion, (as far as we could see) but when we tried to synd Released Products we were missing Vendors

Quite a lot… So digging into this we found that these Vendor were never synced, which we found a bit strange (remember 100 % completion.

Turns out there is a filter in DualWrite that looks like this and apparently internal Vendors are not of the type Organizations… They are LegalEntity

So with some modifications… it looks like this

But there is another thing we need to fix… We need to add the following line in the tranform rule

Once that is done, I force another Initial Sync of Vendors and once that is completed I could successfully sync Products… Yay !!

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