Problems installing Flash in TS or Citrix

Today I ran into a curious problem. I had installed Flash 9 on three Citrix servers and on the last one it only worked for admins.

I googled for a while and ran into this solution:

1. Make sure you have ADMIN privileges to the machine
2. Search your machine for the file “flash.ocx”
3. copy or write down the full path to this file. It -should- be
If the file is NOT in that folder, copy it into that folder. Make sure there are NO other .ocx files in that folder. If there is an ‘swflash.ocx’ delete it.
4. Choose Start> Run
5. In the run dialog, type or paste exactly this line. :
RegSvr32 C:/Windows/System32/Macromed/Flash/Flash.ocx


And it worked!!!


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