Running out of space on a Dynamics 365 for Operations Vm in Azure

When setting up environments for Dynamics 365 for Operation in Azure you are using a tool called LCS (Life Cycle Services). This allows you to set up VMs in different sizes and once the are up it does not allow you to change them. When using the VMs they tend to, sooner or later, fill up and run out of disk space. There are two main ways to fix this… clean up or make the disk bigger (this will be handled in another article which I will link here). In this article we will look at things you can clean up.

1. Remove files in C:\TEMP
Note: Do NOT remove the C:\DIXF folder… that will make DIXF fail. If you remove it, by mistake, you will have to recreate it and manually set permissions on it.

2. You can also clean out files in C:\MonAgentData\SingleAgent\Tables\. To do this you first have to stop the Monitoring Agent Service.

Edited 2018-05-03

There is also a job that cleans out the DeployablePackages every 30 days. This job can be tweeked to run more often by adding a registry key in HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dynamics\Deployment called CutoffDaysForCleanup and set it to maximum number of days to keep files

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