The Nerd Herd – Avsnitt 102 – Ami Casto

Hej…  Nu har det varit sommar och vi har varit lediga… väldigt länge. Vi börjar säsongen med en intervju med Ami Casto från Adaptiva. Vi pratar Windows 10 deployment, konferenser, SCCM och omstartade datorer. /TNH   Hi…  The summer is over and we have had time off… a lot. We start the season with an interview with Ami Casto from Adaptiva. We talk about Windows 10 deployment, SCCM, conferences, and rebooted computers. /TNH
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Enabling the demo users in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Today a customer asked me if the could get a user and test Microsoft Dynamics AX (for search engine reasons i will add AX7) in our demo environment. The customer does not use Azure Active Directory yet and this made things a bit tricky. If they hade a AAD tenant I would just use this method.

After searching around a bit I found that there is a way to enable the demo users. These are users created by Microsoft which are in a AAD tenant owned by MS.

Note that these users are static and you cannot change the password which means that everyone can use these users to log in to your system if you enable them. This is not recommended in a sensitive environment.

To enable the users just edit the user and add to the domain field. The end result should be


The users all use the password Pass1Word



Microsoft Band and Web Tiles

Edit (10/7 2015): Added Images

To day MS announced a thing that was pretty cool… The ability to easily add an information stream to your Microsoft Band. All you need is an RSS feed and an icon image file… lets do it

  1. Go to and click get started
  2. Choose a layout


  3. Input your RSS adress


  4. Assign your datafields to the specific fields on the band by drag and drop. I used Channel.Titel, item.title and item.encoded.


  5. Enter information about your app and add an icon (46 x 46) it needs to be a PNG and have a transparent background


  6. Download the app and either send it by email och save it to OneDrive


  7. Open it on your phone
  8. Done

    WP_20150710_13_36_22_Pro      WP_20150710_13_36_44_Pro

  9. That all for today /Johan

Geek Trick: Custom “New Tab Page” in Google Chrome

Yesterday I signed up for WunderList (since Microsoft bought it i thought I’d give it a try) and I noticed that there were a Extension in the Google Chrome store which displays my Wunderlist as a “New Tab Page”. That got me thinking: I wonder if I could set up any page as a New Tab Page… Like Todoist, which is the todolist manager I use.

I looked in the Chrome Store and found Replace New Tab Page which I installed and customized to display Todoist… Happy Days