Back to basics – FSMO Roles

Today in class I hade a student who had a Windows Server 2012 Essentials migration that did nor succeed. The reason was that the FSMO move did not complete.

To list all the FSMO roles using NTDSutil:

   1: ntdsutil: roles

   2: fsmo maintenance: connections

   3: server connections: connect to server [TheNameOfYourDC]

   4: server connections: q

   5: fsmo maintenance: Select operation target

   6: select operation target: List roles for connected server

To seize all the FSMO roles using NTDSutil:

   1: fsmo maintenance: Seize domain naming master

   2: fsmo maintenance: Seize infrastructure master

   3: fsmo maintenance: Seize PDC

   4: fsmo maintenance: Seize RID master

   5: fsmo maintenance: Seize schema master

If you, like in this case, have a broken DC, remember to delete the object from AD Users and Computers and Sites and Services