Using IFTTT to create a blog post draft in WordPress Blog

I am always trying to create a workflow and automation around things in image
my life and I am also trying to develop an efficient way of working.

One of the things I have started doing is keeping the things I should do in my ToDo list. I am currently using Todoist as my todolist and it is a great and flexible tool. One of the things I rwally like is that I can connect it to a service online called IFTTT which is a workflow engine. IFTTT stands for If This Then That and here you can create rules which says that if this happens than do that. So how does this play in to blog posts.

Well, there is as I said a channel/applet in IFTTT for Todoist and there is also one for WordPress which is my blog engine. When i connect them it look lie this:

If i create a todolist item in the project called “Blogpost to write”, create a new blog post draft with the title of the task.


This way there is a stub post waiting for mewith the correct title in my drafts folder. Here I can for instance past links I want to be in the post and then when I have the time i just go in and complete it… and ofcource check the item in Todoist