Dynamics 365 2024 Release Wave 1

In this episode, we dive into the latest enhancements in Dynamics 365 that are set to revolutionize the way businesses operate. Join us as we explore new tools and features designed to streamline processes and boost performance.

  1. Business Performance Planning Tool: Discover how this new tool can help you align your business goals with performance metrics.
  2. Dimension and Cube Creation with Copilot: Learn about the innovative integration of Copilot for creating dimensions and cubes effortlessly.
  3. Financial Tags Defaulting Engine: A deep dive into how the defaulting engine simplifies financial transactions and reporting.
  4. Archiving: Understand the benefits of the new archiving feature for managing data lifecycle and compliance.
  5. Globalization Studio: Explore how the Globalization Studio aids businesses in adapting to diverse markets.
  6. Product Information Management: Get insights into the enhanced product information management system for better data accuracy and quality.
  7. Demand Planning with Copilot: See how Copilot assists in predicting and managing product demand more effectively.
  8. Warehouse Management Only Mode: An overview of the ‘Warehouse Management Only’ mode and its impact on warehouse operations.
  9. Asynchronous Operation in DualWrite: Examine the improvements in data synchronization between Dynamics 365 and other applications.
  10. Hassle-free use of FnO data on Dataverse: Learn about the seamless integration of Finance and Operations data with Dataverse.
  11. HR Integration with Entra ID: Discover the streamlined HR processes enabled by the integration with Entra ID.
  12. Purchase Order Confirmation: A look at the new automated purchase order confirmation process.
  13. Store Commerce: Insights into the new Store Commerce capabilities and how they enhance retail experiences.
  14. Stored Procedures in Power Apps: Understand how stored procedures can now be utilized within Power Apps for advanced data operations.
  15. Enterprise Data Activation: Discuss the concept of Enterprise Data Activation and its significance in data-driven decision-making.

/Gustav and Johan

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