Cannot access form Sales charge codes

I had an issue today at a customer… We were not able to open the Charge code form in one of our environments.

When we tried to open the form we also got a couple more error messages. tThe first saying that we could not read Retail Headquarter Parameters which lead us to try that form and we got an error which looks like: Parameter record does not exist.

Turns out that this was a bug introduced in 10.0.37 and which will be fixed in 10.0.38 related to the feature called Enable proper tax calculation for returns with partial quantity. When this feature is enabled the system is not able to create a line in the parameter table for Retail Headquarters due to a default value is not allowed.

The workaround is to disable the feature temporarily, initiate the creation of Retail parameters in the affected companies and then re-enable the feature.

Good luck

Details for issue 849710 (

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