Issues with DBsync step during deploy

Today, when I was deploying customization package to a newly deployed config environment, I had an issue with a step not working correctly. The environment had not yet been used for anything so I hadn´t even copied a database to it. When I deployed the customization package to it I got the following error in the runbook log and the deploy failed:

Table Sync Failed for Table: SQLDICTIONARY. Exception: System.NotSupportedException: TableID not yet generated for table: AmcBankReconciliations

The sync step in the runbook is failing because there is no TableID for the table AmcBankReconciliations. And I thought that was exactly what the sync process was supposed to do (??).

Having no clue about why this happened I first turned to Google (as one does) and when I could not find anything there I asked my awesome colleagues and one of the said:

“I have seen newly deployed environments behaving strangely and my solution usually is to start Visual Studio and perform a DB Sync”

This was a bit strange since it was the Sync Step that failed but I thought I would give it a try. Since this was a config environment that is not going to use Visual Studio, I instead opted for using the amazing [](GitHub – d365collaborative/ Tools used for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations) to do the sync

Invoke-D365DBSync -Verbose

When the sync had finished I tried resuming the deploy and to my surprise it finished perfectly… Nice 🙂

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