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I got an email from a customer the other day explaining the he got an error message from his WMS mobile app saying:

This device uses an authentication method that will soon be discontinued. Your organization should prepare to move to device code flow authentication before then.

Here is a short step by step guide on what needs to be done to switch

  1. In the Azure Portal, find the App registration that you are using for authentication and make sure Enable the following mobile and desktop flows is set to Yes
  1. In Application Registration go to API Permissions and verify these settings:
  1. Still in the Azure Portal, go to Microsoft Entra ID – Enterprise Applications. Find the same Client ID as above and open it. Make sure that the Assignment Required and Visible to users is set as below

  1. Click Users and Groups, add all users (or groups of users) that will have permission to register new new WMS Devices

I noticed you also need to delete the existing connection from the WMS app and create a new one. The simplest way is to create a new connection file and import it or generate a new QR code. Use this file as a template:

    "ConnectionList": [
            "ConnectionName": "Tier2 Warehouse",
            "ActiveDirectoryResource": "",
            "ActiveDirectoryTenant": "",
            "Company": "USMF",
            "IsEditable": false,
            "IsDefaultConnection": true,
            "ConnectionType": "devicecode"


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