Uppdating the e-Commerce solution in Dynamics 365 FO

A while ago Microsoft launched an e-Commerce platform for Dynamics 365 and they keep release updated versions in line with the OneVersion vision. Since I have not had the opportunity to work a lot with the solution I thought I would write down some learnings… if nothing else for myself. In this article I will look at how to update.

The first step is getting the update from Microsoft. As usual we start in the Asset Library. From the D365FO environment page click Manage to go to the Management console for e-Commerce.

Select the e-Commerce tab

Go to the Assett Libabry

Go to e-Commerce Packages and click Import

On the Import screen, note that all of the packages have notification marking the mail FnO version. Choose the latest package with your FnO version and click Pick.

When you are back in LCS, select the imported package and click Release Candidate

Once the package is set to Release Candidate it will show up in package deploy of the e-Commerce Management. To deploy it, click Apply Extension

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