Installing on a Raspberry Pi 3 with a RaZberry Z-wave card

I was helping a friend today getting his Raspberry Pi prepped for running He mentioned that he could not get it to boot correctly and thought that it had to do with his laptop not being able to create the boot image correctly so I thought I would see it I could help.

Turned out the issue was not the image… When I opened the lid of the Pi I noticed that it had a RaZberry card installed… so I did what any PC tinkerer with a non-booting PC does… rip everything out and start with the bare essentials. Presto… it booted 🙂

Apparently the built in Bluetooth on the Pi 3 is interfering with the RaZberry card and you have to tweak the HassOS image in order to get it working.

First you add this to the config.txt in the root of the boot volume (you need to insert the card in a PC)


And then you add the following to the configuration.yaml file of (the easiest way I found to get to it is installing the Samba plugin from whitin Hassio)

  usb_path: /dev/ttyAMA0

And then it boots… Happy Days



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