Copy database from a OneBox environment to another OneBox Environment

This document is a check-list I have compiled on moving a database from one OneBox environment to another. Microsoft does not have a document for this scenario so I have compiled information from multiple blog posts.

1. Create a Backup copy of the Source database

2. Move the Database to the destination environment and restore it there

3. Stop the AX Services

  • World wide web publishing service (on all AOS computers)
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Batch Management Service
    (on non-private AOS computers only)
  • Management Reporter 2012 Process Service (on business intelligence [BI]
    computers only)

4. Rename the OLD database to AxDB_ORIG_TodaysDate and rename the newly restored database to AxDB.

5. Start the services that was stopped in Step 3 above

6. Sync the Database using either Visual Studio or this command from an elevated command prompt:

K:<br />
cd K:\AosService\WebRoot\bi<br />
Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Deployment.Setup.exe -bindir "K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory" -metadatadir K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory -sqluser axdbadmin –sqlserver localhost -sqldatabase AxDB -setupmode sync -syncmode fullall -isazuresql false -sqlpwd <sql password> >log.txt 2>&1

Note: K is the Service Volume

Verify that there are no errors in log.txt

7. I the environment is running Retail you will need to run the Retail Reprovisioning tool in this document.

8. Reset the Financial Reporting Database according to this document.


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