Configuring access for mobile warehousing app in Dynamics 365 for Operations

Today I am setting up the mobile warehouse app in Dynamics 365 for Operations… there is a very nice Wiki article here with the walkthrough but I am doing a slightly condensed version.

Edit 180108: Step has been edited to work in the new portal

  1. Go to the azure portal. In Azure Active Directory – App Registrations create a web application for the warehouse portal

    Name: WhatEverYouWant
    Application Type: Web app/API
    Sign-on URL: https://[theURLforyourdynamicsinstance]/oauth

  2. Open the application to edit it
  3. Verify Application ID. If you create the Application in the new new portal it will auto generate an AppID which is random. If you use the old portal to create the application you will have to add the App ID URI. Make sure that this URI is NOT your Dynamics 365 for operations URL because this will break for instance Excel Add-in and Management Reporter. For more information look here
  4. Go to Required Permissions and click Add
  5. Select the API called Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Microsoft.ERP)
  6. Under Permissions to other applications click add application and add Microsoft Dynamics ERP
  7. Add the following permissions

    Access Dynamics AX online as organization users
    Access Dynamics AX data
    Access Dynamics AX Custom Service

  8. Go to API Access – Keys, enter the name for your new key and set a duration. When you click save you will get the key. Please remember to copy and save it some where because it will not be visible later.
  9. Now you need to save the ClientID (Old Portal)/Application ID (New Portal) for later.
  10. Log into Dynamics 365 for Operations and go to System Administration – Users and create a new user (in my case called WMAPP. The email address can be anything since it will never be used. The user needs these roles

    Warehouse mobile device user

  11. Now we need to associate the user to the AD Application which is done on System Administration – Setup – Azure Active Directory applications. Here we paste the App ID/ClientID from before and select the user we created. Click Save and you are done.
  12. Install the App from app store and enter these settings:


    1. Azure Active Directory ID: AppID/CleintID from step 9
    2. Azure Active Directory Client Secret: The key from step 8
    3. Azure Active Directory Resource: Your Dynamics 365 URL
    4. Azure Active Directory Tennant:
    5. Company: Dynamics 365 for Operations Legal Entity


3 thoughts on “Configuring access for mobile warehousing app in Dynamics 365 for Operations”

  1. And how do I roll out this config to dozens of devices? I can’t seem to find a config file

    1. Hi Peter…

      Unfortunately I have not found any way to automate the configuration. You can use Microsoft Intune (or another MDM system) for the install and then you would have someone manually enter the configuration. Probably not the answer you are looking for


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