6 thoughts on “UPDATED: Mapping the Azure Storage Blob to a Drive Letter in Explorer”

    1. @Jim… You are absolutely correct. Of course I mean Azure File Share. I have changed it



  1. I had some issues with your command – I used the following syntax on Windows 10:

    net use z: \\[StorageAccountName].file.core.windows.net\[fileshare] /user:[StrorageAccountName] [StorageAccountKey]

    While this creates the Z: drive, it wasn’t visible in File Explorer. I was able to use the File Explorer / This PC / Network – Map network drive option using the [StorageAccountName].file.core.windows.net\[fileshare] for the Folder, and checking the “Connect Using different credentials” option. This passed the [StorageAccountName] as the user and I used the [StorageAccountKey] as the password. I did have to click OK twice, but I can now see it like every other drive in File Explorer.

    1. HI…

      Thanks for your comment

      I think your issue is that you are running command prompt elevated. You should run it as usual

      I will add this clarification to the post


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