rsAccessDenied error when running reports in AX

Today we look at a tiny issue… Permissions in problems. I got an email from a user containing the following error message:


This is quite a simple problem… with (in this case) a little twist. The customer is not using the default SRSS instance which meant that when I first tried to fix the problem I did it in the wrong instance Generad.

To fix this, you first go to the AX client – System administration – Business Intelligence – Report Servers. Copy the information from the field called Report Manager URL, this should normally look like http://ReportServer/Reports but in my case it was http://ReportServer/Reports_AX_PROD_SSRS.

Start your browser and go to the URL you copied before. You should see something like this


Click the down arrow and select Security. Click New Role Assignment


Enter Domain users and check DynamicsAXBrowser… Since AX is normally handling the security of which data is displayed in the report it is not a problem to add Domain Users… I the user is not an AX user no data will be displayed

That’s all folks


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