Setting up Wireless Networking


To use 802.1x for wireless authentication you need two things. A PKI Infrastructure (although very simple) and Radius Server.

CA Server

If you do not have an Enterprise CA you need to install one. This i pretty straight forward but you need to get it right.

Setting up Radius

Verify that the server running the IAS has a valid certificate from the CA.

Create a new RADIUS client for the wireless AP or Controller unit.

Create a new Remote Access policy for the Wireless Users.

image image

Click EAP Methods and edit PEAP. verify that you are using the correct Cert and Eap Type.


Group Policy Settings

Create a new Group Policy for Wireless Networking. This policy should contain two settings:

Certificate Auto Enrollment

Go to Computer configuration – Windows Settings – Public Key Policies – Automatic Certificate Request Settings

Right click and select New Automatic Certificate Request.

Select Computer and finish the wizard.

Wireless Preferred Networks and Settings

Go to Computer configuration – Windows Settings – Wireless Network

Create a new Profile and add the following settings:


Add a new preferred network with these settings:

image imageimage

You need to set up the following things:

Network Authentication
Data encryption

EAP Mode

Trusted Root Certificate Servers
Selected Authentication Method

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