Uninstall Trend Antivirus without the uninstall password

Here is a description on how to uninstall the Trend Micro Officescan Client if you have lost the uninstall password.

To remove / reset the uninstall password for Trend Micro OfficeScan

– Edit Ofcscan.ini file. (Do a search.) 

   On Windows.95/98/XP machines it is usually in C:WindowsOfcscan.ini 
   On Windows.NT/2K machines it is usually in C:WINNTOfcscan.ini 
   On Windows.XP/Vista machines it is usually in C:Program FilesTrend MicroOfficeScan Client

– Open the Ofcscan.ini file using notepad search for the [INI_CLIENT_SECTION]

– Find the line reading Uninstall_Pwd= and type a # at the beginning of the line to comment it out.

– Insert a new line saying Uninstall_Pwd=70

– Save the Ofcscan.ini file and retry the uninstall. When it prompts you for a password, enter a ‘1’.

Thankyou Mia for the hint so I could find this



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