How to perform a silent installation of the Backup Exec Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO) agent

For a silent DLO installation on a Backup Exec media server, modify the following file:
c:Program FilesVERITASBackup ExecNTAgentsDLOsetup.ini
Note: The path will vary if Backup Exec is not installed to the default location on the media server.
1. Open the file setup.ini.
2. Change the following line from:

3. Save the file.

Command Description
/qn Silent install switch
DEFAULTMEDIASERVER=”SERVERNAME” The name of your Media server (replacing SERVERNAME with the name / IP address of your Media server
“%TEMP%DLOAgentInstall.log” Location in which the installation log file will be saved
LAUNCHCLIENT=”0″ Choose whether to bring up the program interface during the installation

After making this change, setup.exe can be run from the DLOAgent Share folder from the media server while on the client PC, or a script can be used to do this.
Additional information:
It has been observed that setup does not pick up the information in setup.ini with some third party applications that may be used to deploy this package using a script.   In such cases, setup.ini can be forced to be used by adding the following command to the batch file:
“setup.exe /settings setup.ini”.
It is advisable to create a customized setup.ini file, instead of modifying the original setup.ini so that too many changes are not made to the original file.

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