0X80004005 Sychronization Errors in Outlook

Q: I am getting synchronization errors in Outlook that seems to have to do with the Offline Adress Book


7:59:00 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
7:59:00 0X80004005

A: You need to associate every Mailbox Store with a Offline Book

1. Start Exchange System Manager.
2. Expand Organization, and then expand Administrative Groups.

If “Administrative Groups” does not appear under Organization, make sure that you have configured Exchange System Manager to display Administrative Groups. To do so, right-click Organization, click Properties, and then click Display administrative groups.

3. Expand the administrative group to which the server belongs.
4. Expand Servers, expand the server that you want to configure, and then expand First Storage Group.
5. Right-click Mailbox Store, and then click Properties.
6. In the Offline Address Book section, make sure that a valid offline Address Book is listed.

If one is not listed, click Browse, and then click a valid offline Address Book. You can use Default Offline Address Book as the default setting.


Source: Microsoft Knowledge Base

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