MDAC uninstall workaround

Here is the trick we bought from Microsoft customer support for $250.00

Let me know if you have any additional questions/concerns.
1. Download the MDAC version you want on the box from:

2. Open the registry editor by entering the following at a command prompt:

3. Navigate to the following hive and delete the exception components:


Note: this prevent you from overwriting MDAC is they exist therefore they need deleted.

4. navigate to the following hive HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftDataAccess

and set the following key to the following value: FullInstallVer, RollbackVersion, and Version to 2.60

Note: when MDAC checker it will see it’s old and allow the upgrade to 2.6 SPx or higher

5. Disable anti-virus(very important), stop services such as SQL server, IIS, etc., close applications

6. Run the MDAC_typ.exe from step 1 above to install they version on the box.

7. Reboot and verify the install by running the MDAC Component checker downloadable from

OR try

1. Windows operating system repair to get to the RTM release of MDAC.

2. Download the version he wanted on the box from

3. Disable Anti-virus(VERY IMPORTANT), close all applications, stop services such as SQL and IIS, then run the MDAC_tpy.exe for the version downloaded in step 2 above to install it.

4. Verify the install via the MDAC Component Checker also on

5. Apply Windows updates and hotfixes.

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