Flow Friday – Adding flagged email to todo list

As you all know Microsoft Flow together with Outlook is able to add tasks when you flag an email. In my workflow I am unfortunately not using Microsoft ToDo… I have put all my tasks in Todoist but I think the feature is awesome… Microsoft flow to the rescue

  1. Lets start with creating the trigger which is flagged email in Outlook

  2. I want the tasks to end up in Todoists Inbox with prio 1… The reason for this is not that all email is important but it is important to triage the inbox in order to set the correct prio, labels and project.

    The expression is for getting todays date and looks like this:


Flow Friday: Notifying your a bit extra

Today’s Flow Friday is a fairly simple one. Since I some times is a bit preoccupied and not able to keep up with my email and I also try to minimize notifications on my phone it would be very nice to have an extra notification when I receive an email where someone specifically mentions my name.  With flow this is simple…

In this flow I might be going a bit overboard 🙂

  1. When an email where I am mentioned arrives I the flow is triggered.
  2. The email is flagged
  3. A task is created in Todoist saying that I need to handle flagged emails
  4. … end a notification is sent to my phone.

This means that I will only get notified when I am mentioned 🙂

Happy Weekend

Flow Friday: Sync selected Calendar items between calendars

The other day I thought I would make myself use Microsoft Flow more… the best way I could think of was to force my self to write a series of blog posts every week… that should work 🙂

My first post is a description on how to keep your partner happy (or at least happier) when you need to work late.

I keep two calendar, one personal and one for work, where I share my personal calendar with my wife in order for her to know what I am up to. When I need to work late or have an event at work I would like her to know (since I often forget to tell her). This flow adds all events in my work calendar that end after 17.00 to my personal calendar and it also sends an invite to my wife.

We start with the trigger that triggers on all new events. Then we converts the time to Swedish Time Zone (1) and then we check if the event “Show As” field is “Busy” (2)

If the event is not busy we simply terminate the flow, if it is Busy we first validate that End Time is later than 17.25 (3) and if it is we create a new event in personal calendar with the same settings where I invite my wife as an optional attendee (4).


Automation is King!!