Troubleshooting issues with 3rd party cookies in incognito mode

Today one of my colleagues complained that he was not able to log into Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in Incognito mode on Chrome. A couple of seconds after he logs in he is redirected to

So… He was logged in but then it failed… The reason for this issue is th

The reason for this issue is the change to 3:rd Party Cookies management Gooogle made a while back. You can fix is in one of two ways.

Either you enable saving of 3rd party cookies on Incognito mode, or you add the domain [*.] to exception list.

That is if for today… Good Luck



A fantastic Chrome addin if you are using D365FO

On of my primary tasks at work every day is maintaining multiple Dynamics 365 for Operations environments for my customer. This means that I often juggle a couple of environments at the same time and often I have to double check the URL to make sure I am in the right place.

There is of course the possibility to set different banners on each environment to be able to differentiate between them.

Today I found a wonderful tool that can help me, a chrome addin that puts a border at the edge of the window, in different color, depending on the URL 🙂

You configure the addin with different keywords which triggers the color switch The keywords can be URLs:

Or you can for instance use name of the legal entity:

Note that the keyword is Case sensitive. The result looks like this:

Since the addin doesn’t car what you are running in the browser you can use it to differentiate between other similar sites as well… as long as the URL differs in a consistent way.

If you are running the new Microsoft Edge (nased on Chromium… It works there as well 🙂


Screenshots in Task Recordings ni Dynamics 365 for Operations

The new Task Recorder in Dynamics 365 for Operations is a cool tool. It allows you to create a complete recording of a business process which then can be used for documentation, training and also for automated testing (I will revisit that in a later post). In this one we will take a closer look at documentation.

In AX 2012 the task recorder created nice screenshots in the word export but feature is no longer present in D365 for Operations. At least not in PU20 that my customer is running. There is however a solution.

If you use Google Chrome (which I do) there is actually a plugin that you can install and silently monitors you progress when you are creating you task recordings and takes a snapshot when you click on something. Once you save the recording as a Word Document these snapshots are inserted into the document.

Geek Trick: Custom “New Tab Page” in Google Chrome

Yesterday I signed up for WunderList (since Microsoft bought it i thought I’d give it a try) and I noticed that there were a Extension in the Google Chrome store which displays my Wunderlist as a “New Tab Page”. That got me thinking: I wonder if I could set up any page as a New Tab Page… Like Todoist, which is the todolist manager I use.

I looked in the Chrome Store and found Replace New Tab Page which I installed and customized to display Todoist… Happy Days