SQL Express and the missing config file

When you install Microsoft SQL Server the install generates a configuration file. This is great if you want to create an unattended install of SQL. If you want to do a second install (or third or fourth…) just run: 

Setup.exe /ConfigurationFile=ConfigurationFile.INI

and you get the same install again.

Today I wanted to do the same with SQL express… but no file was created… Hmmm…

Apparently you need to start the install using this:





Geek Tricks – Typing the contents of the clipboard

At work we are running Azure Pack which has this cool feature that you can connect directly to the Console from the web portal… it has one drawback though… you cannot paste into it 🙁 That is a problem if you have a VM with a very long password

I looked around a a little and found a handy tool called AutoHotKey which is made for creating keyboard Macros but it san also send the clipboard in raw format as keyboard input using this little script snippet

; win + v
  SendRaw %clipboard%