Interview – André Arnaud de Calavon

This time we interview Community Legend André Arnaud de Calavon. André has been Microsoft Business Applicartions MVP for the latest 10 years and has also supplied more than 33000 answers on the Microsoft Dynamics Community over the years.


We discussed why the community is important for Dynamics 365 and how you can engage and give back to the community.




Time for a new episode. This time we discuss the news in 10.0.37:

– Payment Reporting (PAIN)
– Approved By on Invoice Register (non  mandatory)
– Electronic Reporting
– Feature Recommendations
– Calculate Line ammount
– File Bugs!!!
– Onhand in Commerce


Interview – Elif Item

In this episode we speak to Elif Item, CEO and founder  of Item by Item, and Microsoft Business Applications MVP. We talk about the importance of training in a project, what the different ways we can manage training and the importance of continous learning.

We also ask the eternal question: “Why is the training budget the first we cut and why is Canada better?”.


You can find more information about Elif here:


Back again after Vacation with the following topics:

  • Issues in the first version of 10.0.36
  • Inventory Visibility 
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Bundles
  • Archiving
  • One Dynamics One Platform
  • Reciept Number Sequences
  • DMF Job history cleanup
  • Warehouse WiFi Strength in App Insights
  • Automatic Import of Bank Statement
  • DMF Staging Cleanup
  • Financial Tags on Sales Orders
  • Dataverse interoperability


In this summer episode Johan and Gustav discusses the upcoming update of 10.0.35 which among other things contain:

Process Mining
Electronic Invoicing in France
On-Behalf ordering
Asynchrounous Customer Orders Cancellation
Azure Application Insights Monitoring for Supply Chain
Location Directives Optimization
Warehouse User Session Monitoring Improvements
Processessinig for Warehouse
User Protection Limit

Have a great vacation

Gustav & Johan


Interview – Ryan Cunningham

Hi All

We are back with a new Interview on Dynamics Update. This time it is an honor to welcome Ryan Cunningham. Ryan is the Vice President of Power Platform at Microsoft.


We discuss the future of Power Platform, the reputation of the citizen developer and their importance going forward and also that “Life finds a way”.


/Gustav & Johan


Hi All…

Time for a new release notes episode, this time it is about 10.0.34. 

Our favourite features, amongst others, are:

– Google Pay and Apple Pay in Commerce
– Remove scrubboing from non-personal Identifiable Data
– Archiving
– SQL Row Version Change Tracking
– The Global General Journal Page
– Printing Labels using External Service
– Efficiency Enhancements in Prospect to Cash



Interview – Miha Vuk

Hi All…

In this 45:th episode of Dynamics Update we interview Miha Vuk. Miha is a Technil Architect and a Technical Fellow at Docentrics.

We discuss the reason why Docentrics has chosen to release their main product as both a free and a paid version. We also talk a bit about soem of the challenges of being an ISV in a product such as Dynamics 365 for Operation.


/Dynamics Update

Interview – Nathan Clouse

In this episode of Dynamics update we speak to Nathan Clouse, Microsoft BizApps MVP, about ALM for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply chain, the differences between Git and VSTC and why we might want to use Git instead of VSTC as a source control solution for our FnO code.

You can find more on Nathan here:
Nathan Clouse | LinkedIn
Nathan Clouse’s blog | Atomic AX
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