CREATE TABLE permission denied in database ‘tempdb’

This morning we had an incident with a customer who during the night had failed over their SQL cluster during the night and then failed it back again and now AX had stopped working. The error was this:


The problem is that when SQL is restarted the permission on tempdb is reset. AX solves this is a “special” way. When AX is installed the install created a stored procedure in master on the SQL server which it calls to set the permissions in case they get lost.


These was unfortunately missing on one of the nodes so I used Management Studio to script them out and the create them on the node where they were missing


Continous file share are having problems with 8.3 names… Who doesn´t!

Me and my colleague was troubleshooting a broken cluster today… apparently the new continous file share in Windows Server 2012 does not like the old 8.3 file name format. You can use fsutil to clean this up:

fsutil 8dot3name query x: – Find out what the problem is

fsutil 8dot3name set – Change the settings

fsutil 8dot3name strip x: – Strip the old named

Verify that you do this on all the nodes