Working with XSD files in AX 2012

Today I got a question from one of my colleagues… The needed to sent a complete AIF port specification to an external service provider and the XSD (XML Schema Description) the could find only contained the internal AX Types and it specifically lacked the information about maximum length for the fields.

Since I am not a developer and I am not that knowledgeable in the AOT I reached out to a couple of out developers. Thet is when I learned about Shared Types Schema . This contains the complete list of types and it also acts as sort of a translation table for the regular XSD and which is merged the exploring the service.

Not to self (once I forget this): The reason for having all the extended types in the original XSD is because we are able to change the field setup in AX and having it propagate to the entire system.

To get to the XSD for the AIF port you go to the port (System Administration – Setup – Services and Application Integration Framework). Select the port, verify that Customize Document is checked and clock Data Policies

Click on View Schema

Here you can see the XSD for the port. If you click Imported Schema you will open up the Shared Types Schema. Save both the regular Schema and the Shared Schema and send it to whoever needs it

About the Shared Types Schema

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