Verifying table content in Dynamics 365 for Operations

In previous version of AX it has been an easy tack to habve a look at the data for any given installation. You simply logged in to to the SQL Server used by AX, started Management Studio and executed your SQL statement. Even the app consultants could fairly easily check the table content directly from the AX client… not so much any more. With Dynamics 365 for Operations being hosted by Microsoft we have no such access to SQL for the PROD environment.

The good news is that Microsoft has added a table browser to the UI and by tweaking the URL you can look direstly into the table you want.

To access the Table Browser, in this case the UserInfo table just format the URL like this:


The view will look like this:

A cooler and easier way to do this is to use a Chrome Plugin… how cool is that… there is actually a chrome plugin for Dynamics 365 for Operations 🙂

You can find the plugin here

Install it and change the URL in the config:

Then you just search for the table or open the entire Entity list or Table List:


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