Updating a secondary AOS instance

Today one of my colleuges had an issue with applying a hotfix in a customers environment. The environment had three AOS instances installed on the same server which had the correct version and they installed a fourth one which they missed to patch.

When we ran the axupdate install file we got this screen:


It said that there is nothing to patch… which there was… weird. So looking around the internet I found out that there is a command line parameters for axupdate called AOSINSTANCENAME… great… that should work…


Doh… turns out you cannot use comandline parameters unless you run a completely silent install…

axupdate.exe AcceptLicenseTerms=1 AosInstanceName=04-AX183ByggUserTest AosStart=0 HideUI=1 InstallAos=1 LogDir=”c:\Temp”

If you miss the HideUI=1 it will also ignore all of the other parameters Sad smile

Well… all well that ends well

Merry Xmas


SQL Express and the missing config file

When you install Microsoft SQL Server the install generates a configuration file. This is great if you want to create an unattended install of SQL. If you want to do a second install (or third or fourth…) just run: 

Setup.exe /ConfigurationFile=ConfigurationFile.INI

and you get the same install again.

Today I wanted to do the same with SQL express… but no file was created… Hmmm…

Apparently you need to start the install using this: