Uppgredera CompanyWeb i efterhand

När man migrerar till SmallBusiness Server 2011 tar man som bekant en backup av Sharepoint databasen från den gamla servern och återställer den i den nya servern. Man använder sedan följande kommando för att koppla upp databasen I Sharepoint:

Mount-SPContentDatabase –Name ShareWebDB –Webapplication http://companyweb

Om man vill kan man direkt uppgradera utseendet till det nya SP2010 gränssnittet genom att istället köra:

Mount-SPContentDatabase –Name ShareWebDB –Webapplication http://companyweb –UpdateUserExperience

Om man missat detta kan man I efterhand använda följande för att uppgradera:

$web=get-spwebapplication http://companyweb
Foreach ($sites in $web.sites)


SBS Essentials får äntligen sin Office 365 integration

Jag är mycket glad att kunna meddela att Microsoft äntligen släppt en beta av Office Integration Module som är en integrationsmodul mot Office 365.

Modulen är tänkt att förenkla administrationen av användare i SBS Essentials som använder Office 365.

För er som är intresserade kan ni hitta Betan på Microsoft Connect

Getting Outlook Mobile Access to work on my Small Business Server

I wanted to be able to read my private mail (that resides in my SBS at home) from my Qtek S100. The problem is that I use Active sync to sync my Work Calendar so the only option left is setting up Outlook Mobile Access.

I found this excellent article in Jespers Johanssons Blog which I used but I did not pass the finnish line… I ran in to a problem when I finished…

A System error has occurred while processing your request. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact your administrator.

This is due to this:

“The incoming requests are made to the /OMA virtual directory on the Exchange 2003 computer. These requests try to communicate by using the NetBIOS name of the /Exchange virtual directory. If the host header for the OMA Web site does not include the NetBIOS name, you receive the message that is mentioned in the Symptoms section.”

The rest of the information is here.

Thanks Jesper for the excellent article…

My SBS OWA login is skrewed ut after SP install…

Q: I just upgraded to MS Exchange 2003 SP2 on my Windows 2003 SBS server and now I need to login with DOMAINusername instead of just username… Why? and how do I change it back?

A: The reason for this is that on a “real” Exchange server the default login is DOMAINusername. You will need to edit the web pages used for login according to this article.

DHCP Server is not serving clients after SBS SP1 update

Q: My SBS servers DHCP server is not serving IP addresses to my clients since I updated to SBS SP1

A: Turns out that ISA 2004 protetects the internal firewall by default and that Internal network is not set up with the Broadcast address .255. This means that the DHCP requests never reaches the server.

Go to Configuration – Networks – Networks – Internal and edit it to include 255


Installing Windows/SBS2003 hangs at "Registering components" with 13 minutes left.

This is, if not normal, something you should not worry about. Found this in a newsgroup

If it hangs at “13 minutes remaining”, this is expected.  Leave it be for
about 20-30 minutes and it should move past this phase.  At this point in
setup, we lay down several Windows Server 2003 hotfixes, which takes a
little bit.
If it takes over an hour or so before moving off of 13 minutes, let us know.

David Jones
SBS Product Team