Using OneNote to post blogs in WordPress

I have for a while now been using Windows Live Writer to create Blog Posts on my WordPress Blog. Since Windows Live Writer is not beeing updated “alot” any more I have been trying to find a replacement for a while now. I was quite happy the other day when I saw that MS has created a solution to use OneNote (one of my absolute favorite applications) to post blog posts.

To install this you start by going to the admin console on your WordPress Blog and in the Plugins sections search for OneNote and install One Note Publisher. When the install is done activate the Plugin and click Settings

Click the link that says “Click here for instructions…” to create a new application and get the MSA ClientID and Client Secret…



When you have gotten the info from your new application you will have to enter them in WordPress

To create a new posting you write it in OneNote and then you go to the new post screen in WordPress and press the little OneNote icon and browse to your post, select it and it will magically appear in your edit window (atleast within 20 seconds) and you can add category and click Publish as usual…

BTW This post was of course posted using OneNote 🙂