Managing 3rd party session cookies in Chromium Edge

In a couple of days I am doing a session at the D365UG Community Summit 2020 and the tool they are using for presenting requires 3rd party session cookies to be allowed. This is a short description on how to do that in Chromium Edge.

  • In Chromium Edge go to edge://settings/privacy
  • You now have two options:

You change the privacy setting to Basic (that will change it for all websites which my IT-Sec friends tell me is a bad thing 🙁 ). The better option is to create an exception the site you want access to.

  • To set an exception click Exceptions and add the URL in the following format in the [*.]

That’s it…

Getting Workflow Editor and Management Reporter Editor to work in Chromium Edge

When running Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations there are some legacy software built in. These are packaged as ClickOnce applications and will be downloaded every time you run them. In Internet Explorer and the old version of Microsoft Edge this worked out of the box since these are .Net aware out of the box. When is comes to the all new chromium based Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome this is not the case. In order to get these working we will need a plugin installed in the browser.

For Microsoft (Chromium) Edge
To install in Edge the process is almost the same as for Google Chrome but with an additional steps prior to starting

  • Now go directly to step 3 below

Tip: you can bookmark the URL to the Google Chrome Store to have it around

For Google Chrome
1. Go to the Chrome Web Store by going to Extensions in the Settings menu

2. Click the Chrome Web Store at the bottom of the page

3. Search for ClickOnce and Install ClickOnce for Google Chrome

Issues with blocked cookies in Chromium Edge

I have an issue with cookies… And I do have an issue with real cookies… especially oat cookies… but we will not go into that today.

Today we are talking about browser cookies. Sometimes they are sort of creepy and sometimes they are absolutely essential for things to work. I ran inte one of the latter this week and I thought I had allowed all cookies for the specific site. Turns out I did not.

The site in this case is a customers help desk system and I had added the domain but I still got an error saying I needed to enable cookies. In order to find which cookies to allow you just do the following:

  1. Click on the padlock to the left of the adress bar
  2. Select Cookies
  3. Go to Blocked
  4. Select the items in the list one-by-one
  5. Click Allow

Note: This is of course not the customers site… this is my WordPress site for illustration

Themes in Chromium Edge

I have started using Microsoft Edge (the Chromium version) and I really like it… Since I am coming from Google Chrome it is not that different except for two main things. The first one is that Microsoft has their own extension store which has much less extensions (the most important ones are there) and you can also use the Google Chrome Store although you will manually click on a link to use it. The second difference is that Microsoft has blocked Apps and Themes from the Google Store which would not have been a big deal for me if it wasn’t for the fact that I use themes to differentiate between multiple browser windows using different user profiles. This is the best way I have found to use multiple Azure accounts at the same time without having to sign out and in all the time.

There is how ever a work around.

  1. Install the extension Get CRX which gives you the option to download the file for the extension.
  2. Find the theme you want in the Google Chrome Store
  3. Right-click the extension page and select Get CRX of this extension
  4. When the file is done downloading open the page edge://extensions in Microsoft Edge
  5. Drag and drop the file you downloaded into the Edge tab you opened in 4
  6. In order to install the them you will have to approve the install security warning

    Note: this is absolutely not the recommended way of installing an extension/theme, this is an ugly hack (a means to an end). If you are not sure please do not do this.

  7. Click add theme to add the theme


That is it…