Change the Mailbox Name on an Exchange Mailbox

Go to Exchange System ManagerServersYourserverFir­st Storage
GroupMailbox, on the right pane, you can see the Mailbox name is still
being remained as the original surname.

To resolve this issue, please follow my steps below:

Firstly, make sure that this client’s first name, last name, display name
and alias are correctly reconfigured. Please see:

1. Expand to Server Management Advanced ManagementActive Directory Users
and Computers My BusinessUsersSBSUsers.

2. On the right pane, right click the user that you want to change the
surname, and go to Properties.

3. On the General tab, change the clients’ Last name (Surname), display
name, and the email name.

4. On the Account tab, you also need to change the User logon name.

5. On E-mail Addresses tab, check whether this client’s email name has been
changed, if not, highlight his/her email address, click Edit, and change
the email title. Click OK.

6. On Exchange Advanced tab, change client’s display name.

7. On Exchange General tab, change the Alias.

8. Click OK.

Secondly, you need to restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store

1. On the server, start -> run “services.msc” (without quotation marks).

2. High light Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service, right click it
and select Stop.

3. After that, right click it and select Start.

4. Go back to Exchange System ManagerServersYourserverFir­st Storage
GroupMailbox, right click on the right pane and select Refresh.

5. Test this issue again and see whether it works now.

Problem med Parallellport på Toshiba Tecra A2

Hade problem med en Toshiba Tecra A2 som när man slog på parallellporten i BIOS och startade Windows fungerade som den skulle men så fort man startade om maskinen så fanns inte parallellporten längre.

Lösning: I BIOS var inställningen för “Device Config” satt till “Setup By OS”. Ställ denna till “All Devices” i stället.

"Logon Failure: Account Currently Disabled" and "System Error 1331" Error Messages

When you try to connect to a server in another domain you get the error messages “Logon Failure: Account Currently Disabled” and “System Error 1331” Error Messages.

This happens if one of the computers have been moved from one domain to anothet. The computer account is the disabled in teh computerd old domain and this is what creates the error.

The solution is to remove the old computer account (marked with a red X) from the old domain.

The KB article (263936) is here.

Problem with APC Powerchute on Windows Servers

I just troubleshooted a server which on reboot stopped on “Applying Computer Settings” and refesed to start. The I stumbled om this and apparently there is a bug in APC Powerchute 6.x regarding an expired Certificate for the java software.

In rebooted the server in Safe Mode and disabled the services and tadaa It started!

Edit 2005-08-16:

There is now a KB article



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