Enabling the demo users in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Today a customer asked me if the could get a user and test Microsoft Dynamics AX (for search engine reasons i will add AX7) in our demo environment. The customer does not use Azure Active Directory yet and this made things a bit tricky. If they hade a AAD tenant I would just use this method.

After searching around a bit I found that there is a way to enable the demo users. These are users created by Microsoft which are in a AAD tenant owned by MS.

Note that these users are static and you cannot change the password which means that everyone can use these users to log in to your system if you enable them. This is not recommended in a sensitive environment.

To enable the users just edit the user and add contosoax7.onmicrosoft.com to the domain field. The end result should be https://sts.windows.net/contosoax7.onmicrosoft.com


The users all use the password Pass1Word



Questions from class: Centrally configure the start screen in windows 8.1

One question I got in yesterdays class was:

How do I customize the start screen for my Windows 8.1 users?

The answer is: You can use Powershell and the registry to set this up.

    1. Start by logging in to a computer and set up the Start Meny to your liking.
    2. Use the following Powershell command to export it:Export-StartLayout -Path “C:\StartLayout.xml”
      -As XML
    3. On a DC, start Group Policy Management console and create/edit a policy with the following setting

      User Configuration – Policies – Admin Templates – Start Menu and Taskbar – Start Screen Layout: [Path to your XML file]

Note: This setting can be applied to either Users or Computers