Creating new Active Directory objects with Windows Server Essentials where the belong

To day we are going to take a look at a little strange behavior in Windows Server 2012 Essentials. But first we need to look back to remember our history…

Back on SBS 2003/2008/2011 Standard the install created an OU structure that looked like this:


all new users was created in  ou=SBSUsers,ou=Users,MyBusiness,dc=innoworks,dc=local

In Windows Server 2012 Essentials things are done a little different… all new users and computers are created in… wait for it…

cn=Users;dc=domain;dc=com and cn=Computers;dc=domain;dc=com

Of course this is what SBS 2011 Essentials also did. So for all of you, who like me like to have things organized something like this


You can use the following commands for setting up where objects are created by the dashboard

redirusr ou=Users,ou=InnoWorks,dc=innoworks,dc=local
redircmp ou=Computers,ou=InnoWorks,dc=innoworks,dc=local

This means that if you are migrating from SBS Standard you can use these commands if you want to keep the OU structure set up by SBS