Can not create default Keyset when using AXBuild

We have a large deploy with a customer this week which is a very bad time for AXBuild to stop working… really bad time. And ofcourse that is what happened Smile (screw you Murphy). There are of course other ways to to a compile in AX byt doing it from within AX is really slow so AXBuild is much nicer and faster.

The problem was that when I launched AXBuild the process kept crashing with this error:


I also got the following events in Event viewer:

Error 14.11.2016 17:49:05 Dynamics Server 01 110 None
Object Server 01:
Can not create default Keyset. Error code -2146893809.

Error 14.11.2016 17:49:05 Dynamics Server 01 110 None
Object Server 01:
The license information can not be decoded.

Error 14.11.2016 17:49:06 .NET Runtime 1026 None
Application: Ax32Serv.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception
Exception Info: System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException
at <Module>.wmainCRTStartup()
at <Module>.wmainCRTStartup()

When doing research we found that this is most likely a permissions issue and I got somen hints on what to check:

  • Are you running elevated: Check
  • Are you local admin on the AOS computer: Check
  • Is the AOS user local admin on the AOS computer: Check
  • Check AOS user permissions on the AX database and modelstore: Check

I was not able to find the solution so I resorted to Microsoft Support and they sait the same thing… it is a permission issue. So finally I fired up ProcessMonitor (which I don’t do often enough) and the it was after some looking around and filtering. I filtered out everything except the Ax32Serv.exe process and I also removed the SUCCESS lines.

The issue was that my user (the one doing the the compiling) got access denied on a file in the folder:


I changed the permission on the file and Presto! (or as one of my colleugues said – I am going to get a Cappuchino with cinnamon)

The compile is running and things are good