How to create a sprint

This is mostly a checklist for me to remember how to add new Sprints (Iteration Paths) in Azure DevOps… I tend to forget since it is not done very often

  1. Go to Project Settings in Azure DevOps
  2. In Project Confiruration choose the parent Iteration Path and click New Child
  3. Add Name, Start date and End Date and click Save and Close
  4. To mage the Sprint visible you need to add is to a team (otherwise noone will see it). To do this go to Team Configuration, choose Iterations and click Select Iterations.
  5. Choose the new sprint and click Save and Close

That is it for today… have a nice Monday



Issues compiling label files

Yesterday evening (why does it always have to be evenings 😉 ) I was going to do a deploy of code to our staging environment. I started the build in Azure Devops and it failed:

C:\DynamicsSDK\Metadata\Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Application.Build.targets(78,5): error MSB6006: “LabelC.exe” exited with code -1. [C:\DynamicsSDK\Metadata\BuildMetadata.proj]

OK… SO LabelC.exe atleast gives me some hints and since the deployconsisted of changes to Label Files this was not too strange. I downloaded the log file and found this information:


So I looked in the log file on the build server and found the following:

The error was duplicate lines in two label files

Remove them by editing the file in Azure DevOps and check in the file. Restart the build and it worked… Way