Set Site Links to Notification-Based Replication

Notification based replication will result in immediate replication between sites… remember that this will increase your replication traffic with 20-30%.

  1. Start  ADSIedit.msc and connect to the configuration container.
  2. Go to Inter-Site Transports – CN=IP.
  3. Right-click the site link object, and then click Properties.
  4. Select options.
  5. If the Value box shows <not set>, type 1. If the Value(s) box contains a value, you must 
    derive the new value by using a Boolean BITWISE-OR calculation on the old 
    value, as follows: old_value BITWISE-OR 1. For example, if the value in the 
    Value(s) box is 2, calculate 0010 OR 0001 to equal 0011. Type the integer 
    value of the result in the Edit Attribute box; for this example, the value 
    is 3.
  6. Click OK.



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