Managing 3rd party session cookies in Chromium Edge

In a couple of days I am doing a session at the D365UG Community Summit 2020 and the tool they are using for presenting requires 3rd party session cookies to be allowed. This is a short description on how to do that in Chromium Edge.

  • In Chromium Edge go to edge://settings/privacy
  • You now have two options:

You change the privacy setting to Basic (that will change it for all websites which my IT-Sec friends tell me is a bad thing 🙁 ). The better option is to create an exception the site you want access to.

  • To set an exception click Exceptions and add the URL in the following format in the [*.]

That’s it…

En Liten Podd om IT – Avnitt 269 – Handhjärta…

Om Shownotes ser konstiga ut så finns de på webben här också:


Avsnitt 269 spelades in den 9:a juni 2020 och eftersom att första priset i den finska “eukonkanto”-tävligen (frubärar-tävlingen) varje år är sin frus vikt i öl så handlar dagens avsnitt om:




* Mats har haft en intensiv vecka, men nu har det varit två lugna dagar. David har en ålderskris och fått glasögon, dessutom har han blivit drabbad av en Samsung-TV. Björn har fått en pool och är sjukt missnöjd. Johan har motionerat både sig själv och 3D-skrivaren.

* OnePlus Z lanseras 10 juli




* Ny processor från ARM (tips i live-chatten förra veckan)

* Vem bryr sig om Månen? Mot Mars!!!!

* Få Poäng hos klarna

* Wooohoo! Patriotiska bakgrunder

* BONUSLÄNK: The Swedish Submarine that Sank a US Aircraft Carrier




* Hallelujah!!!!!!
Outlook for Windows is introducing e-mail signatures that will be stored in the cloud rather than being stored locally on the user’s Windows device.


* Teams kommer visa ännu fler deltagare i videomöten

* Window 10 Enterprise – Public preview på MSIX-app attach


* Credge på Windows Update men inte i 2004 releasen

* Såg ni några easter eggs i Build videosen?

* Snart så… trackpad support i Office på ipad




* Köp Apple-hårdvara utan ränta!!

* Kommer Apple att byta chip till ARM på sina Mac-datorer?? och här är ytterligare en länk.

* För alla vänsterblivna som protesterar! #ironi… (det handlar om hur man stänger av face ID)




* En till stämning (class action lawsuit)

* U.S. states tittar på att bryta upp google




* Webbläsaren Brave har mer än 15 miljoner månatliga aktiva användare

* Woops nr 1 (nintendo)

* Woops nr 2 (honda)

* Helt rätt. Skicka ut de där dj*vla linux burkarna i rymden!!


Veckans Rant (featuring: David)

* F***ing j*vla tekniska specifikationer som inte säger något




* Mats:

* David: Monitorarmar

* Björn: En säkerhetsgrej gillade jag , fast egentligen ser jag fram emot att få komma tillbaka till kontoret och börja köra kontorsstolsrace

* Johan: Varmluftspistol





En Liten Podd Om IT på webben

En Liten Podd Om IT på Facebook

En Liten Podd Om IT på Youtube

* Ge oss gärna en recension




Apple Podcaster (iTunes)








(Och glöm inte att maila om du vill ha klistermärken, skicka med en postadress bara. 🙂 )

Source: En Liten Podd om IT – Avnitt 269 – Handhjärta…

Downloading the Teams recording for a Live event

Last week we ran a webinar for some customers using Teams Live Events (which is awesome once you learns all the ins and outs). The event is later going to be edited and uploaded online. For that we need the file.

To download the file, start Teams and Open the meeting from the calendar view.

Go to the Live Events Resources – Recording and click the download symbol

This is the recorded mp4 file in 1280 x 720

That is it


Error: Reponse status 503 – service unavailable when pushing to Azure DevOps artifacts

When trying to set up hosted builds for D365FO in Azure DevOps according to this guide posted by Paul Heisterkamp i bumped into an issue… in one of the last steps you push the NuGet packages, downloaded from LCS, into the artefact feed that you have created.

The issue I got was when uploading the largest package ( is that first I got a timeout an I had to set the timeout parameter in nuget.exe.

When I did that I got another error:

Error: Reponse status 503 – service unavailable

This happened after the upload had gone on for some time. Looking online I noticed that others having the same issue had discovered it to be a network issue (and in some cases proxy issues).

In order to solve the issue I uploaded the file to my D365FO dev machine and tried the push from there… it worked and it took only a couple of seconds… Wohoo…

The learnings of the day… Azure VMs has more bandwidth than I do… who knew #abitenvious

So there you go…


Certificate issues in D365FO Cloud hosted environment

This morning our developers reached out to me telling me that we had certificate issues with two of our environments. The problem with certificates is that they have an expiry date.

Since all Dynamics environments are deployed using LCS and the Cert used is owned by Microsoft we have limited ability to fox the issue on our own. This is why Microsoft built functionality into LCS to help us with this. To fix the issue, just look up the environment in LCS, click Maintain and select Rotate Secrets

The Cert you need to fix is the SSL Certificate

Simply click Rotate SSL Cert and wait for the process to finish. In my experience you will also need to reboot the VM.

Have a nice day 🙂

Redeploying SSRS reports in D365FO without using Visual Studio

Since I am not a developer… especially not an X++ developer I am ususlly not entrusted with access to Visual Studio (this statement was more for dramatic effect but the truth is that I am trying to avoid it to not mess things up).

The main reason for this work around is that in some environments Visual Studio is not set up and to do that would require setting up the correct account, mapping workspaces and a whole lot more. This way is simpler:

  1. Log into the Dynamics Server
  2. Start PowerShell Elevated as Administrator
  3. Run the following command:

    K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\Plugins\AxReportVmRoleStartupTask\DeployAllReportsToSSRS.ps1 -PackageInstallLocation “K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory”

That will redeploy all of the for Dynamics 365 for Operations


The macro ‘@CurrentIteration’ is not supported without a team context.

Today when writing release notes for my customers latest release I bumped into an issue. I have a query that returns all item in the current Iteration Path with their release notes. The release notes are written in Microsoft Word so I thought that if I could just get the query into Excel it would be an easy “Copy and Past” operation into word.

Fortunately Azure DevOps have just this feature. You simply go to queries, click the three dots negt to the query and select Open in Excel

My query looks like this:

In order to use Open in Excel you first need to install Azure DevOps Office® Integration 2019. After authenticating to Azure DevOps I got an error message… interresting

Turns out the setting @CurrentIteration does not work in Excel… You have to set it to the actual iteration path in order for the Excel Addin to work.

Good to go 🙂

The Azure DevOps UI for Build Pipelines has changed

A quick one today…

I was about to deploy a new package today for a customer… and I could not find it… Apparently the UI for DevOps has changed and it took me a while to find the same place.

The old UI looked like this. You went to Pipelines – Build – [your pipeline] – [The run you wanted] – Summary. Under Build Artifacts you could find the package zip.

Bildresultat för azure devops build pipeline package

Now it looks a bit different. You still go to Pipelines – Build – [your pipeline] – [The run you wanted] – Summary. You find the package artifacts here.

Oh… and there is also another difference. The package used to be ziped an extra time so you had to extract it to be able to upload it to LCS. Now you directly get the deployable package.

That’s it for today… mainly since I tend to forget 🙂

My top 12 items in the Dynamics and Power Platform 2020 Wave 1

Last week Microsoft finally released the complete PDFs with new features of Dynamics 365 and PowerPlatform Wave 1 2020. I browsed through them (all 405 pages of them 🙂 ) to to try to understand where we are going… here are my top 10 12.

  1. Mass deployment of the Warehouse App
    This gives an organization the ability to use Microsoft Intune (or your favorite MDM solution) to deploy the warehouse app to mobile devices.
  2. The UI will start adapting to the license the user has assigned in order to make the UI “less complex”. This means that there is no longer a possibility to get by under licensed”.
  3. The new grid now allows you to group rows based on a column and also to easily rearrange the columns.
  4. Tables, Entities and Aggregate measurements can be stored in Data Lagke Storage Gen 2. Prior to this release we were only able to store Aggregate Measurements in Data Lakes.
  5. The ability to embed a Power Automate Flow directly in the UI in Dynamics. This flow can be triggered by the end user. This feature is even cooler since it was suggested on the Dynamics Ideas site.
  6. Azure AD sign-in in the POS client. This could previously only be done using a worker ID
  7. The ability to create a PowerApp directly in Microsoft Teams.
  8. Great improvements for running model-driven apps offline. Really cool since this is geared towards mobile front line workers.
  9. Monitor and get insight into usage of your canvas apps using Azure Application Insights.
  10. Power Apps Test Studio is available in General Availability. This gives you the possibility to automate testing and integrate it into Azure DevOps release and Build Pipelines
  11. Simplified expressions in Power Automate. Instead of having to write a complex expression for a string operation there are ready-made blocks for this.
  12. Copy and Paste in the Power Automate designer (Yay)

As you can see this selection of features are quite tech/IT heavy… There are a LOT more app related features in the Wave 2 release. Look through the PDFs linked below to get a grasp on these.

One thing to note is that this is Wave 1… Not everything in Wave 1 is general available or in some cases even in preview… but it is coming. Something to look forward to.