RetailCDXMonDataSync object not initialized when processing Status Messages in AX 2012 Retail

Todays issue is regarding AX 2012 Retail…

When I try to Process status messages under Retail – Inqueries – Download sessions i get the following error


First I found some hints online that it had to do with the Working Folders set up in Retail – Setup – POS – Retail Scheduler – Channel Integration – Working Folders. I verified that the settings were OK and then I set the permissions on the folders to allow the service account for AsyncServer/AsyncClient had full access to them.

That did not help… strange… so I thought that I really needed to verify the permissions… Process Monitor to the rescue


Apparently the changes I made did not propagate all through the folder structure… After fixing it everything is working nicely.


En Liten Podd Om It – Avsnitt 111 – Kan inte jag få välja min juice själv


Ny söndag och ny podd… denna vecka med ordinarie laguppställning

Vi pratar om Creators Update, Apples koppling till IFTTT och givetvis lanseringen av Samsung Galaxy S8… 

Precis som vanligt blit det även en pryllista, denna gång bestående av AI och robotar

Nu kör vi

/Mats och Johan

Trying to give my AX 2012 demo VM in Azure Internet Access

Today little issue was a bit frustrating…. to say the least

I have set up a new AX 2012 Vm in Azure for my colleagues to do some troubleshooting on. The need to install a Hotfix there and thus needs Internet Access from the VM. Normally this is not a problem… there are normally no issues accessing the internet from a correctly configured VM… the key phrase being correctly configured

I installed the VM from LifeCycle Services which is the normal way for AX machines which means I get a preconfigured VM with AX 2012 and it also has Active Directory installed locally to decrease dependencies. I am able to access the VM but no internet access… so I do some basic testing and I can do nslookup when using an external DNS which tells me 1) the VM has internet Access and 2) there is something wrong with the DNS settings. The local dns setting is pointing to the address is pointing to which has nothing to do with my VM. So I tried to change it to and as soon as I saved the settings the connection to the VM dropped… that is strange. I tried again after restarting but got the same result. So what to do…

I tried changing it using Powershell… Success!! Restarted the VM and it was back to… Fail!! Something is rotten in the state of Denmark…

I started by looking through Group policies for something strange but could not find anything. So I fired up Sysinternal Autostart and found a strange script:


Hmmm… Looking at the script:


I found it!! This is not OK!!! Well, well… I changed the script and restarted and it worked… So if your AX 2012 VM is behaving strangely look at the c:\scripts\start.ps1 script. It also fiddles with services autostart settings and some other things


Configuring access for mobile warehousing app in Dynamics 365 for Operations

Today I am setting up the mobile warehouse app in Dynamics 365 for operation… there is a very nice Wiki article here with the walkthrough but I am doing a slightly condensed version.

  1. Go to the azure portal. In Azure Active Directory – App Registrations create a web application for the warehouse portal

    Name: WhatEverYouWant
    Application Type: Web app/API
    Sign-on URL: https://[theURLforyourdynamicsinstance]/oauth

  2. Open the application to edit it
  3. Verify Application ID. If you create the Application in the new new portal it will auto generate an AppID which is random. If you use the old portal to create the application you will have to add the App ID URI. Make sure that this URI is NOT your Dynamics 365 for operations URL because this will break for instance Excel Add-in and Management Reporter. For more information look here
  4. Note: the next step did not work from the new portal so I had to perform it from the old portal.
  5. Go to the old Azure Portal – Active Directory – [Your AD] – Applications and select the application you created in the previous step
  6. Under Permissions to other applications click add application and add Microsoft Dynamics ERP
  7. Add the following permissions

    Access Dynamics AX online as organization users
    Access Dynamics AX data
    Access Dynamics AX Custom Service

  8. In the new portal in the application permission click keys, enter the name for your new key and set a duration. When you click save you will get the key. Please remember to copy and save it some where because it will not be visible later.
  9. Now you need to save the ClientID (Old Portal)/Application ID (New Portal) for later.
  10. Log into Dynamics 365 for Operations and go to System Administration – Users and create a new user (in my case called WMAPP. The email address can be anything since it will never be used. The user needs these roles

    Warehouse mobile device user

  11. Now we need to associate the user to the AD Application which is done on System Administration – Setup – Azure Active Directory applications. Here we paste the App ID/ClientID from before and select the user we created. Click Save and you are done.
  12. Install the App from app store and enter these settings:


    1. Azure Active Directory ID: AppID/CleintID from step 9
    2. Azure Active Directory Client Secret: The key from step 8
    3. Azure Active Directory Resource: Your Dynamics 365 URL
    4. Azure Active Directory Tennant:
    5. Company: Dynamics 365 for Operations Legal Entity


En Liten Podd Om It – Avsnitt 109 – Vitamininstitutet i Scheweiz

Hejsan hoppsan i vårsolen…

Nu är vi på banan igen och denna vecka funderar vi över Googles nya chat app, om varför Apple inte låter dig välja dina egna foton och Spotifys nya prismodel… detta och mycket mer i veckans avsnitt av En Liten Podd om IT

/Mats & Johan

DynamicsPodden – Avsnitt 5 – Technical Conference 2017


Vi har i veckan varit i Seattle och besökt Technical Conference 2017 för att se var Microsoft har på gång vad det gäller Dynamics. Vi har dagen till ära spelat in ett extra avsnitt där vi pratar lite om våra reflektioner på konferensen. Det kommer garanterat att komma med så småningom.


En Liten Podd Om It – Avsnitt 107 – Spotifys Offerkofta


Ny vecka och ännu ett avsnitt av En Liten Podd om IT.

I veckans avsnitt pratar vi en del kring Creators Update och Microsoft senaste announcements på RSA konferensen, vi funderar lite kring Google Assistant och Samsung Pay och slutligen hittar vi nästan ett par hörlurar och en Red Swingline Stapler

Nu kör vi

/Mats och Johan

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